Address: 102 Accuracy Dr. Corner Excellence Avenue, Carmelray Industry Park I, Canlubang, Calamba City Laguna, Philippines
Tels.: (63) 49-549-1560
Fax: (53) 49-549-0753
Website: http://remecbroadband.com/company
Contact: Jay M. Sabido

REMEC Broadband Wireless is privately held company resulting from a management buyout of a business unit of REMEC, Inc. that supported the point-to-point and point- to-multipoint radio industry. The new REMEC Broadband Wireless was formed in August of 2005, combining a rich history of over 20 years of experience in microwave and millimeter-wave product & infrastructure development with the lean, customer-oriented environment of a start-up company. Funded by the management team and a small group of dedicated private investors, the company has the core team and physical assets that designed and produced hundreds of thousands of modules and ODUs for radio industry leaders coupled with the financial support to support sustained growth.

With a rapid transition to an independent, dedicated radio product company, the company has more than doubled its product deliveries in its first year of operation, and is fully prepared to meet the increasing needs of the growing customer base of communications industry leaders.

• Outdoor units (ODUS)
• Transceivers
• Manufacturing Services