Address: Km. 26 The Richdale Sumulong, Highway, Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City, Philippines
Tels. (632) 61-4108, (632) 571-8621
Fax: (632)661-4108
Email: marketing@innovatronix.com
Website: http://www.innovatronix.com
Contact: Glen Dedicatoria
Position: President

Innovatronix Incorporated is an electronics imaging company engaged in manufacturing and retailing. It's the proud manufacturer of Tronix brand of consumer electronics, from energy savers to appliance protectors, electronic scoreboards and digital displays, electric vehicles, portable power supplies and the Tronix Evo3 Digital Photo Printing Machine. It also operates the Tronix Imaging Center— a network of digital photo-studio/imaging centers, which are located in shopping malls and commercial centers nationwide.

For its electronic design and manufacturing business Innovatronix has gained expertise from numerous projects it has undertaken in its years in the business. The company has catered to hundreds of companies, government and private organizations,and institutions nationwide – most of which have become regular clients since then. Some of its products are also exported to more than 80 countries worldwide, bearing the its brand name, Tronix, –a fitting example of world-class quality and competitiveness of company in the global marketplace.

For its imaging business, the Tronix Imaging Centers, Tronix Print Boxes, Tronix EVO3 Kiosks – is the only group of imaging centers that offer the "mabilis, maganda, mura" or "fast, quality, affordable" service concept. This proved to be highly appreciated by most customers even with increasing competition in this business nowadays.

• Energy Savers & Appliance
• Protectors, Electronic Display Boards
• Electric Vehicles
• Power Supply
• Digital Photo Printing Machine
• Photography-Related
• Equipment and Engineering
• Contracting Services