Address: 576 Katarungan Street, Barangay Plainview Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550
Tels. (02) 532-6399, (02) 534-0590
Fax: (02) 532-8434

Started in 1990 and now catering to the needs of almost 100 satisīŦed customers, we fabricate metal enclosures applying to the latest technology in the industry using computer programmed machines and equipment handled by qualified technicians and operators. We always claim to be:

"Your BEST partner in Electronic Electrical Metal Enclosures."

The large part of our clientele procures products mostly on metal enclosures, from the simplest to the most intricate and sophisticated designs. However our operations are not limited to this. We also entertain demands on any metal fabrication, casing and frames. Below is a list of some of our finished products.

• Door Lockers and Cabinets
• Uninterruptible Power Supply Casing
• Equipment Rack
• Control Box
• Electrical Enclosure
• Emergency Light Casing
• Stereo Amplifier Casing
• Time Recorder Enclosures
• Metal Furniture