Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise, Inc.

Address: Fliteline Hangar, Plaridel Airport, Plaridel Bulacan, Philippines
Contact No. +639155638391
Email: info@fame.systems
Website: www.fame.systems
Contact Person: Arcelio J. Fetizanan, Jr.

FAME makes air, sea and land travel safer thru our affordable and easily deployable general aviation, maritime and land based transponder and gateway.

The Problem
Despite current transponder technologies available like ADS-B for large aircrafts and AIS for large ships, air and sea mishaps happen. Out of 85 airports in the Philippines only 10 has radar capability. Out of almost 429 fishing ports and 821 commercial ports only 2 have VTMS capability for monitoring ships.

The Solution
Introducing FAME Transponders for General Aviation Aircrafts and Small Maritime Vessels and FAME Gateways for Airports and Maritime Ports. It's an affordable and easily installable small form factor transponder and gateway that uses LoRa (Long Range Network - Internet of Things (IoT)) with a range of more than 21 Miles. Pilots and Sea Captains can use it as secondary radar for safety and efficiency. Used as a gateway, airports and ports can have the ability to monitor air and sea traffic in real-time.

The Market
The transponder can be installed on General Aviation aircrafts and Small Maritime Vessels. The gateway can be installed on airports without radar capability and also on maritime ports without VTMS monitoring capability. Land based transport such as vans and container trucks can also use the device for tracking and monitoring. A smaller version of the product can be used for tracking marathon runners, trekkers, cyclists and other events that need tracking.