Address: 812 Elcano Street, Binondo, Manila, Philippines
Tels. (632) 241-9493, 243-3327, 243-3328
Fax: (632) 241-9491
Email: sales@alexan.com.ph
Website: http://www.alexan.com.ph
Contact: Mila C. Sy
Position: Executive Vice-President

ALEXAN COMMERCIAL was established in 1972 to distribute semiconductor components when the IC market was still in its infancy stage. In line with its objectives of providing quality products and introducing new technology to the Philippine market, ALEXAN sources from world-leading manufacturers and invests heavily in research and development (R&D). To assist in uplifting the training of engineers and technicians, the has been designing a wide range of electronic kits and educational trainers while introducing affordable but reliable test instruments.

With its capable R&D engineering team, Alexan also ventured into ODM products which beneļ¬ts end users. These include the grain moisture meters for the farmers, wood moisture meters for the wood industry, and recently, the electronic taximeter with printer for the taxicabs. These are comparable, if not better, than imported models in terms of function and quality, but more affordable than their foreign counterparts. Similarly, the educational trainers that Alexan produces have provided students with the much needed low-cost tools in learning electronics through hands on training. Currently, the company has included robotics kits in its product line to keep up with the fast-changing technology.

Today, ALEXAN, with its extensive prficiency in R&D and technology expertise, also offers its services to customers in OEM, ODM and turnkey projects. The company looks forward to export some of its products soon which can then showcase its engineers' capabilities.

Product Line Services:
• Electronic Kits and Components
• Test Instruments and Production Tools
• Electronic Training Equipment
• Taximeter with Printer
• Electronic Displays and Scoreboards
• Customized Designed Products ets.